Data en API management

Data en API's

We have various data API endpoints available on the basis of HTTP and MQTT. These endpoints work according to the Blackpoint communication protocol and can be set to work with serialization protocols like JSON, MsgPack and soon also Protocol buffers.

API tokens

Within the Blackpoint platform it is possible to set the rights of the API yourself. You can add and revoke API keys. In this way, devices will no longer have access to the data APIs. You can also set which API keys have access to the different API endpoints. Do you want more information about the API possibilities? Then look at developers.blackpoint.nl.

MQTT broker

The easiest way to connect your devices to the Blackpoint platform is by using the MQTT protocol. This is safe and easy to set up and gives you the freedom to send your data in accordance with different serialisation protocols. This way you have the possibility to reduce your data usage and to send data clustered.